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This Tropical Placemat DIY Will Instantly Brighten Up Your Home

by Kirsten Nunez

This Tropical Placemat DIY Will Instantly Brighten Up Your Home

Summer isn’t complete without cheery home decor. Instead of spending a pretty penny, make a set of DIY placemats. Even beginner crafters can take this on.


There’s something so dreamy about the summer season. It’s the best time to make DIY projects and surround yourself with all things tropical. You can find trendy tropical prints on everything right now, from alternative work blazers to floral nail designs. So, why not add a splash of summer to your home? It’s the perfect way to welcome the warm weather.




This is where this DIY placemat tutorial comes in. You can make it for a summer gathering or a quick kitchen upgrade. Plus, the project doesn’t call for fancy crafting skills. Even beginners can take it on. Here’s how!






  • Iron-on transfer paper
  • White or light-colored canvas rectangles *
  • Scissors
  • Iron
  • Home printer


* You can use plain store-bought canvas placemats. If you like the look of raw edges, head to the fabric store and buy a segment of canvas or thick cotton. Cut it up into rectangles according to your size preference.


Step 1


1. Check the iron-on paper’s packaging to figure out which side is the “right” one. Most brands have red lines on the back side. Next, print out tropical leaves of your choice. You can easily do this by cropping and pasting photos into a Microsoft Word document. The size is totally up to you, so don’t feel intimidated by this step. No graphic design skills needed here.


When searching for images, try these Google keywords: tropical leaf, banana leaf, palm leaf, fern leaf, alocasia. Since you’re getting these pictures from the web, only use this project for personal use—anything else could get you into tricky copyright issues.


Step 2


2. Carefully cut around each leaf. You can be as precise (or not) as you’d like. The white areas will show up clear, anyway.


Step 3


3. If you’d like, print out smaller leaves, too.


Step 4


4. Place the leaves face down on the fabric. Play around with the placement, then bring in the iron. Follow the instructions on the paper’s packaging, making a point to evenly apply heat.


Step 5


5. Once the paper cools down, carefully peel away the paper backing.


Time to party it up! What other fun tropical ideas do you have for summer decor?