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The Ultimate Gift Guide For Every Sign In The Zodiac

Unsure of what to gift your BFF? The answer might just be in the stars. We found the best gifts for every sign in the zodiac, and we guarantee there's something that'll please everyone on your list.


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Aquarius ladies love taking up a cause. What's better? There are plenty of brands who promote giving as part of their mantra, so it's easy enough to find your BFF a gift that gives back. Take, for example, a bracelet from The Little Market. Each purchase helps empower artisans at Penh Lenh in Cambodia. Not only are you giving the best gift for this zodiac, but there's also nothing better than giving back.

To buy: $22, The Little Market

Photo: The Little Market


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Pisces tend to lean toward the artistic side of things, and since Neptune is connected to music, there is no shortage of gifts for a lady in this zodiac sign. You can't go wrong with an uber cool pair of headphones, wireless speaker or, most importantly, vinyl.

To buy: $40, Urban Outfitters

Photo: Urban Outfitters


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Aries are dynamic and always ready to take on a challenge. They are expert organizers to help make sure they can get it all done. Something like a planner, desk calendar or super-stylish organizing bins are the perfect way to make sure your hardworking BFF can get it all done — and look stylish doing it.

To buy: $34, Anthropologie

Photo: Anthropologie


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As an earth sign, Taurus ladies like gifts that are higher quality and made to last. Keeping quality in mind, gifts that play into this sign's idea of quality and dependability are a perfect pick — and eco-friendly pieces are only an added bonus. Brands like Urban Renewal are all about taking the old and tailoring it for current trends, making it a perfect pick for a Taurus gal.

To buy: $39, Urban Outfitters

Photo: Urban Outfitters


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Geminis are born storytellers. They tend to find themselves fascinated by everything they see, and nothing is better than a gift geared toward photography and writing. Trust us: That makes gift giving a breeze. Pick up a modern Polaroid camera to help a Gemini save all those memorable moments, or stick with a trusty journal so she can write down all her dreamy thoughts.

To buy: $59.99, Target

Photo: Target


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Ladies in this zodiac sign are all about pursuing their hobbies — while maintaining an uber-relaxed vibe. Nothing is as cozy as a pair of flannel PJs, or even some fuzzy pillows to decorate her space. She'll be ready to cozy up for a holiday movie in no time.

To buy: $54.50, Victoria's Secret

Photo: Victoria's Secret


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Leos are natural collaborators and conversationalists, and they love to have a good time. What's better to use to keep in touch than a cell phone? Not much. Any rad phone accessories — a bright, bold case, a portable power charger, or even a rad lens kit — are the perfect gift for a Leo on your list.

To buy: $24, Urban Outfitters

Photo: Urban Outfitters


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Virgo gals are all about keeping things organized, clean, and natural. They pay attention to the tiniest of details and somehow always seem to have their calm. (Even during the hectic holiday season!) Find a gift to help her keep her cool — whether that be a fresh candle or an uber-adorable DIY terrarium to bring a sense of peace to her space.

To buy: $13.99, West Elm

Photo: West Elm


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Libras are lovers of beauty — and there are no shortage of beauty products that will fit her eye for style to a tee. There is an endless supply of pretty palettes that are bound to fulfill any beauty guru's wishes. Whether it be shadow or highlighter, there's something for every Libra lady.

To buy: $58, Net-A-Porter

Photo: Net-A-Porter


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Scorpios are some of the most passionate ladies out there. She's totally fierce and not afraid to make a statement, which is why she'll appreciate a gift that's just as daring as she is. A statement satchel, patterned top, or even a killer pair of heels are perfect for the Scorpio in your life.

To buy: $60, Topshop

Photo: Topshop


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Sagittarius ladies are seriously fierce, and they love the embracing experience as much as they enjoy reaching their destination. Help your favorite Sagittarius embrace her sense of adventure by gifting her with something that will please her wandering mind — a travel book, passport carrier, or even a travel checklist to keep this dedicated lady on the right path.

To buy: $58, Henri Bendel

Photo: Henri Bendel


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Capricorn gals are practical, independent, and work hard to lead a successful life. Because she might find it hard to maintain balance between work and play, make sure to treat her with something that she'll find cozy and relaxing. A fun gift — like a subscription to Coffee of the Month club — or even a cozy throw will help remind this Capricorn to stop and take a breather. (Especially during the holidays!)

To buy: $68, Bean Box

Photo: Bean Box

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