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You Won’t Believe All Of The Awesome Things You Can Make With Straws

by Faith Brar

You Won’t Believe All Of The Awesome Things You Can Make With Straws

Don’t ditch all those straws you gather from fast food restaurants. Plastic and paper straws can easily be turned into all sorts of affordable (and cool!) decorations for your home.


When it comes to outfitting your home in style, there’s nothing like saving a few bucks and making something yourself. From picture frames to garlands to trendy geometric mobiles, we’ve gathered 15 functional décor items that you can use to dress up your home—all made from upcycled drinking straws. So start raiding your kitchen drawers and see what kind of cool décor you can whip up this weekend!


1. With a hot glue gun and patterned paper straws, create this adorable spring-inspired vase.

Amy Krist


2. Craft cute wall hangings with different patterned straws and add some color to bland and boring walls.

Paper Crafter


3. Create these cute paper straw arrows in less than 15 minutes!

Your Home Based Mom


4. String together plastic straws to construct light weight shapes that form unique geometric mobiles like these.


5. Pick a combination of colors – fit for any festival or holiday – and make these fun DIY drinking straw garlands. This would be a great project to do with your kids.


6. Make charming straw flowers in minutes using green straws, glue and patterned paper. 

Multiples and More

7. Keep your plants contained in this cool, metallic DIY Himmeli Geometric Gem. 


8. Hang your pictures in this simple DIY picture frame made with patterned paper straws. 

The TomKat Studio 


9. These adorable drinking straw starbursts are perfect as accent pieces for your nightstand or coffee table.  

Aunt Peaches

10. This wreath will dress up your walls like nothing else – and it’s super affordable.

Women’s Day

11. Gold burst wall décor is so in right now. And you can create your own using some spray painted plastic straws.

How Does She


12. These pinwheel paper straws make the perfect home décor accent, and you can customize them to your style.

Crafts and Creativity

13. If you’re feeling super ambitious, try creating three dimensional art using straws. Yes, that’s a thing. 

My Modern Met

14. Bunting is timeless! Make your own by spray painting plastic straws and stringing them together. 

Oleander + Palm

15. Flatten some plastic straws and stick them together using colored duct tape. That’s how easy it is to make these unique DIY coasters.

Country Living