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Your Dorm Room Needs This Major Urban Outfitters Home Sale

by Caitlin White

Your Dorm Room Needs This Major Urban Outfitters Home Sale
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September is coming soon, and you’re going to need essentials (and some extras) to outfit your dorm room. This Urban Outfitters sale has you covered.


Look, we totally get it: Your dorm room decor consists of standard-issue wood furniture and that one poster you have stuck up with some gummy glue. Let this huge Urban Outfitters home sale help you go glam this semester.


Cozy bedding? Check. Framed art prints, because you’re a grown-up? Check. A glam bartending set and cheeky bath mat (for when your communal, flip-flop-needed shower situation changes up, upperclassmen)? Check and check. More than 1,000 items from the fun and fashionable Urban Outfitters home section are on sale, and we found the ones that will make your dorm room or off-campus apartment a real home. (Sorry in advance if you can’t get visitors to leave.) Each of these items are 25 percent off at checkout, so you’ll still have money left over for buying all those textbooks at the bookstore. A select ~100 items have an even greater markdown, at 50 percent off.


The 25 percent off discount lasts only until July 26, and the half-off sale until July 25, so practice your quick computer skills for school by jumping on this sale quickly!


Here are the items we found that will look incredible in your dorm this fall.


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Daniela Floral Comforter Snooze Set


Urban Outfitters has you covered in the standard college Twin XL bed sizing, and it’s insanely cute. Plus the bedding set conveniently packs back up when it’s time to move.

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Amped Fleece Boo Pillow


Staying up late to finish that book for your 9 a.m. class? This armchair pillow will keep you comfortable.

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Calhoun & Co. Good At Naps Woven Throw Blanket


All we have to say about this throw blanket: totally accurate.

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Peachy Clean Bath Mat


Upgrade your bathroom with this super cute bath mat. Suddenly, sharing a bathroom doesn’t seem so bad.

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Photo Clip Firefly String Lights


Do it for the Insta. Share all your photos while also boosting the dorm’s terrible lighting with this wall art.

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Oil Slick Bar Cocktail Shaker Set


Up your cocktail game with this holographic bartending set (ahem, for all you 21+ students out there).

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Ruthie Velvet Floor Pillow


Floor pillows are the perfect way to accomodate guests in your snug dorm room.