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The Sub

In the shadow

never THE mom

or THE dad

just the substitute.

Love like they are your own

honest and pure

You are not their own

They have their own.

On the bench.

That’s where you sit

You are not the first string.

It’s OK for a while, it’s not a competition.

It’s your heart.

Your love.

This is your ready made family.

And it’s not yours.

It’s theirs. Their Mom. Their Dad.

But divorced.

Extra wheel.

That’s you. That’s me.

You only need an extra wheel

When the others aren’t good.

But just for a little while.

You are easily replaced.

You are not one of them.

Can anyone see this but me?

Who do you talk to?

How do you discuss your pain?

What do you do with your hurt?

When they all stand together in one place

it’s random, a birthday party, a school conference

where do you stand.


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