Sugar Daddy

by admin

Sugar Daddy

It put me over the edge. In the scheme of things it really wasn’t a big deal. Really. I had saved two decorated cookies from a baby shower that I hosted for a friend the night before. They were adorable cookies. They looked like something right out of Martha Stewart Living. They were shaped like little onesies. They had blue and white piping that looked like textured t-shirts. So cute! A friend bought them for the shower (made by another baker friend of ours) and I had saved them for my four-year-old daughter, who was fast asleep at the time of our nighttime baby shower.

When I showed them to her the next day she actually squealed with delight! She was going to eat one after lunch today. Well, when I went to get them out of the box, I opened it and they were gone. No, my little daughter didn’t beat me to the punch—my husband did. He ate both of them (and didn’t share them).

Rationally speaking, I understand. They were delicious looking cookies and who could resist? But realistically, in my day-to-day life with my husband and daughter I was really upset. You may be thinking, “Well, you should have told him not to eat them.” Here’s the kicker—I did! I showed them to him the night before and told him to save them for her. Here’s where I lose it. Not to my husband. Not to my daughter. But just inside. His sugar craving strikes again. My husband is a very nice, decent guy. He works hard. He’s loving towards us and he’s a fantastic father. That is, when his addiction to sugar doesn’t interfere.

Yes, he’s completely and totally addicted to sugar. In our health conscious society with information around every corner on how to live well, eat well, sleep well, etc., he chooses to ignore it all.  But maybe it’s not a choice and his addiction is too powerful? I wouldn’t be so concerned really if it didn’t interfere in our lives.

You see, the story I just told you about my husband eating the little baby shower cookies I saved for our daughter is not an anomaly. There are hundreds like that. When I make cupcakes for preschool parties, I have to write a note and post it on the cupcake container, “DO NOT EAT! SAVE!” otherwise, five or six go missing. And, how do you tell the other children at school the next day, “Sorry, Annie’s daddy couldn’t resist”?

I bet you’re thinking now, “Make some extras”. I’ve done that too. Sometimes that actually works. But not this time. I’m not simply concerned about how to tell my daughter, “Daddy ate your cookies … sorry” but I am mostly concerned about his health. He’s only thirty-nine-years-old. He looks good. But the doctor says she’s “concerned” about his cholesterol. And, that he needs to exercise, and that he’s be less moody if he could eat better—and “cut back on the sugar.” Yeah. Like I have any control over that!

I stock the cupboards and pantry with healthy alternatives. I leave bowls of almonds around for easy-access snacking. I keep a huge bowl of fruit out. I buy no high fructose corn syrup granola bars, but none of it matters. I’ll open the door to his car and there in plain site are M&M wrappers, empty Dunkin’ Donut bags and ice cream bar wrappers all over the floor! He’ll sprinkle sugar on everything. I swear, if there was a track of sugar cubes on the ground, he’d be right there licking them up. And, Halloween is just around the corner. Wish me luck.