Summer Schedules

by admin

Summer Schedules

I’m sure I’m not the only working mom in America who has had to adjust her schedule to accommodate the nuances of summer. This week, and next, my day care is closed. We shipped in my mother-in-law from Rochester, NY and she has been helping us since last week. When an untimely business trip to the west coast fell on to our already overly-complicated calendar, I threw my hands up and yelled I quit!

Except that I didn’t.

I’m continuing to work this week, trying to do my best impression of a publicist without a care in the world. Like everything is fine and normal. Like it’s no big deal to drop my kids at sports camp to only turnaround and pick them up three hours later. My MIL is doing her best at keeping the boys at bay, but interruptions abound. It’s hard to be productive when you hear fights over toys, cries over spilled chocolate milk, and other chaotic sounds coming from the kitchen downstairs.

I’ve known about these two weeks for months. I should have just closed shop myself. It probably would have made life easier all the way around. But I am working on a TV show that airs August 3rd and it’s impossible to take any time off before a broadcast. This is crunch time.

When the planets are aligned, I actually think this crazy work/life act can be manageable. But when one starts spinning off its axis, the rest of the planets get wacky, too. And the effects are widespread. Everyone feels it: my kids, my husband, my MIL, my stomach.

My MIL leaves tonight, and a new babysitter is starting tomorrow afternoon. She’s a former nanny who can spend every afternoon here next week. Which is great. But already I am anticipating several more days of juggling the impossible.

Is anyone else suffering through summer schedules? Summer is supposed to be fun! Do you worry more about your children when school is out?