Superman Is Not Coming!

by admin

Superman Is Not Coming!

It is up to us to fix our own problems. Superman is not coming. We have wasted entirely too much time waiting for something to get fixed that will probably never happen.. Let’s face it, our school crisis is not going away until we have fixed it ourselves.

It’s time we as a people get united, and work together to help build a secure future for our schools and our teachers. It’s time to put the wheels in motion, unite, and get it done. This monster has gained enough strength. It’s time to send it back to the abyss from which it came. Until we, the American TAXPAYERS, declare the party is over, and we are not dancing to the music anymore, they will continue to play games with us. We deserve good schools for our children, along with good teachers, fair wages, housing, and jobs.

The ball is in our courts: Are we going to play or watch? The clock is running out. It’s 
do or die, because Superman is not coming!

Time to get SERIOUS. Demand your rights.