That Sweet Baby Smell

by admin

That Sweet Baby Smell

Today I finished off my first bottle of baby detergent. It sounds silly to be significant but it’s the same bottle I bought when I was pregnant with my son. It’s actually lasted longer than I anticipated. I assumed it would be finished within the first couple of months after my son was born and then the name would find its rotation on the weekly grocery list. But it kept pouring and pouring more soapy liquid. It’s plastic figure blending in with the scenery of my laundry room. Now my little one no longer needs the baby soap. He’s been able to tolerate our regular detergent for some time.

It’s not really the fact that the bottle is now gone but what the bottle represents. The smell the detergent brings back memories of the anticipation, excitement, and sometimes a little worry that I felt during my last weeks of pregnancy. It makes me think of washing all his new clothes from the baby shower and dreaming what it would be like to finally be a mommy. I smell it and I can almost feel my large pregnant belly again. I remember doing all the little things to prepare our home and our lives for this tiny person. The smell evokes memories of shopping for miniature outfits, cribs, mobiles, and soft blankets. When I was pregnant I often pondered what it would be like keeping house for three instead of two. Now the bottle is finished and I am faced with the fact that my tiny newborn is fast becoming a toddler.

I can hear the veteran moms (or at least my own mother) groaning at my nostalgia. I guess it’s time to face facts and realize my baby is no longer a baby but standing up and becoming a toddler. I will miss the smell of the baby detergent and everything that went with it.