Sweet Dream

by admin

Sweet Dream

Sometimes dreams really do come true.

It’s just that sometimes the dream grows up and starts back talking with an attitude.

The Dream will eventually start asking for things all of the time, like something to eat every five or ten minutes. And then The Dream will start leaving dirty dishes all over the place, all of the time, so that you, who have nothing better to do, will have something else to keep you from being able to sit for an entire minute without having to jump up and down, or something else to keep you from bringing just ONE THOUGHT to its logical conclusion …

Oh, and sometimes The Dream bugs you endlessly about what to wear to school the next day and then doesn’t want to take your suggestions but still gets fighting mad because—“YOU ARE NOT HELPING ME COME UP WITH ANYTHING, Mom!”

Oh, and did I mention that The Dream will often request that you drop her off at parties and then will rush you quickly out the door in embarrassment, now that you have served your purpose as chauffer and escort.

Ahhh! How beautiful it is when you have a dream and it comes true, especially a BIG dream—The Dream … It’s a beautiful thing.

Today however, The Dream has been behaving like a nightmare and so tonight—The Dream will be going to bed early …