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Sweet Eddy

About thirty-eight years ago, I was very pregnant with my seventh child. I had been grocery shopping with my three-year-old son, Eddy. When I arrived home, I got Eddy out of the car, unloaded two armfuls of groceries, and stopped to look up at the sky. It was one of those beautiful spring blue skies with not a cloud in sight. I said to Eddy, “Look at that beautiful blue sky. Isn’t that just one of the prettiest skies you have ever seen?”

I then went over to open the door to the house. I was really loaded down with the groceries and a very fat belly. Got the door open and was holding it open for Eddy. I waited and waited and he did not come, so I turned around to see what he was doing. He was standing there just gazing up at the beautiful blue sky. Suddenly I heard him say, “You did a good job, God.” And indeed he had!

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