Take Your Advice and Shove It

by admin

Take Your Advice and Shove It

I was about ready to invest in a t-shirt that read “If I’m pregnant, then I’ll tell you”. Pretty much all of my friends and family knew that we were hoping to start a family, and so the onslaught of well-intentioned but unsolicited advice started coming. I should drink more water, I should buy vitamins from Hawaii, and remember to take them three times a day, I should lay off the exercise, I should exercise more, I should monitor my body temperature a dozen different ways and times during the day. I should drop everything; hole myself up in a hyperbolic chamber with occasional conjugal visits from my hubby …

So, in your face, overly invested bad advice givers … seems like the ole recipe of time, patience, and forgetting what day it is on your ovulation calendar is what worked for us! And justly, in my face for learning the hard way that if you really want to keep something private, then you can’t talk about it all the time and you can’t really fault people for caring because individually they don’t realize their advice is contributing to the procreation pressure you’ve put upon yourself.

For what it’s worth, I did pay the $75 for the “herbal” fertility vitamins from Hawaii. I have two bottles left; they are up for grabs. I’ve traded up for Mylanta and GasX.