A Tale of Twin Brothers (Kittens)

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A Tale of Twin Brothers (Kittens)

My daughter Cherise noticed some children gathering and looking down a drainage ditch at a baseball field. What they saw was both amazing and sad. Five beautiful kittens were all cuddled up; four were barely hanging on for life. One had already died (or was born dead). Their Mom was not around anywhere.

Cherise and her daughter Mikaela, being animal lovers had an idea. They brought the remaining four kittens home. (After Cherise did research, she believed they were only hours old). They went to the store and bought food and other things that might lure the Mother to come back to her kittens. When Cherise and Mikaela saw that it wasn’t going to happen, they knew what they had to do. 

They brought four little orphans home. Perhaps their Mother was unable to come back. I am sure she was not alive or she would have rescued her babies. Anyway, Cherise went on the Internet and found out what kind of formula to get (how to make it, when to feed them). She even learned how to make them have a bowel movement, which is what their Mom usually does. This feeding schedule went on for days … day and night. 

The four kittens not only lived, but they thrived in the midst of much love and attention.  Of those four, two they found good homes for when they were about twelve weeks old. One died at about four months old (they said he was probably born too early and had some internal organ, kidney issues.

The remaining kitten they kept. Her name is “Lily.” Lily is a beautiful female—a Manx. 

The Manx breed originated before the 1700s on the Isle of Man (hence the name), where they are common. They are called stubbin in the Manx language. Tail-less cats were common on the island as long as three hundred years ago.) From Wikpedia.

Lily loved to sneak out of the house and climb up on the roof and explore. One day Lily got out and got into some trouble … yep, got herself pregnant (before Cherise could have her fixed). Cherise thought she was just star gazing on the roof, but no, Lily was doing more than that.

Lily gave birth to two boys and a girl.

Cherise told me, “As they got older, the two boys (Stump aka Professor Cuddles and Twitch) turned into twins with exact markings. They must take after their father because they have more of a wide/smushed looking face than the girls and they are much larger. The girl, whom we named Daisy, is more like the mother, very Siamese markings and a very petite body. We kept Daisy.”

Then I got this e-mail: Sure you don’t want to adopt a couple of cute twin brothers; I could bring them over on Saturday … take a look. Forward to anyone that may want a kitty.  

Cherise told me she had just found homes for the two boys. In fact, last night was their first night in their new home. The lady that adopted them sent her a few pictures. She said she woke up at 1:30 in the morning and the boys were in bed; one between her husband’s feet and they other at his head. I would say they are adjusting nicely.

I should have known Cherise would always love and take care of animals. She used to bring ducks in (from our miniature farm) and let them swim in her bathroom sink. She also broke in “Shy Guy,” a Tennessee Walker who had never had a saddle on him.

Now, Cherise’s daughter, Mikaela has a love for animals. She has trained her golden retriever to run an obstacle course and rides her horse, Allie with a grace and expertise that comes only through a natural love and understanding of animals. 

That is a whole other story.