Talking About the Death of a Pet to Children

by admin

Talking About the Death of a Pet to Children

I work w/ children from birth to twelve years old because I have v-tech training in childcare!!!!! I have taken the training all four years I went to high school!!!! Also, I have worked with children for fourteen years now!!!!!! (next year will be fifteen years!!!!) So I know what I’m talking about on this subject!!!!!!!

When talking to your young child or children about the death of the family pet, here’s something to keep in mind:

1. Be honest with the child or children from the start. Otherwise, they’ll be so confused about the death \ of the family pet.

2. Talk to your child or children with just you, the parent(s), and the child or children in a quiet room with no TV on or stuff like that so the child or children have your complete attention. (You could do it in a bedroom, den, the living room, or outside on the porch or backyard.) Tell them why the family pet has to be put down. Like, “We don’t want the dog/cat to be in pain or suffering anymore so, we are putting down the dog/cat so it’s not in pain anyomore. The dog/cat will be in doggie/cat heaven where the dog/cat will be happy and be in better place and meet all kind of other dogs/cats to play with and make some new friends as well.”

3. Tell your child or children that it’s ok to cry over the family pet. It’s important for your child or children to learn what grief is and to think of all of the fun times they had w/ the family pet.

4. Your child or children could have a nice proper burial of the family pet. Like pick a nice spot to bury the family pet and have a funeral so your family pet will always be remembered in your hearts. After the funeral you could make a nice plaque for your pet like a head stone. If you go to personalcreations.com, you’ll see in their pet section their pet head stones for like $25 with your pet’s name and dates on it.

5. Last but not least, when the your child, children, or family is ready to get a new pet just remember that your old family pet is NEVER, EVER forgotten!!!!! Your old pet would want to move and love another pet just like you did your old pet!!!!! When picking a new pet, just remember that new puppy or dog needs TLC and how the new pet will be loved by it’s new owners/family!!!!!!

Below are links to part one and tw2o of the story of how I got my cats and a question on how to help me if you want!!!!! I hope you take the advice above really well and I hope it makes it easier to talk to your child or children about the death of a pet!!!!!