Teaching Tweens Deligence

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Teaching Tweens Deligence

So often our tweens and teens give up before they have reached a pinnacle or potential that we as parents know is in their reach. My younger son has high academic abilities according to tests, teachers, and labels. I know he was created to do great things and is highly blessed with great intellectual ability. The question is does he care or does he care enough. No matter what parents and teachers see in their children, by the time our kids reach those tween years performance is determined by the student’s ability and the student’s inner drive.

In our society, there are different connotations for the word care. The other night, my younger son and I had an introspective conversation about the verb “to care.”

What does the action of caring about something or for something mean?

When I asked did he care about his grades, he answered, “Yes.” Then I asked, “If you care about something shouldn’t you care for it?”
“I do,” he remarked.

Next, I used the comparison of caring for a sick person. He began to describe what he would do to help the sick person get better. As I listened to him stumble for ideas, I realized he spoke non determined generalizations, like he did about his school work, which, by the way, is decent, but through his football season were not his best.

“For better grades, I should do more,” he explained.

“I would help the sick person feel better,” he generalized.

My prompting asked how. Then the light peeked in. The prompts led him to: check symptoms, ask doctor, get medicine, read directions, check dosage and intervals, monitor the person for improvement or worsening, clean up around the person, keep them hydrated and/or fed, and sit with them.

I started to summarize the main ideas from his ideas of how to care for the sick.

Pay Attention
Be Consistent
Give Them or Give It Your All

The light flooded in. I then asked, “Do you care for football, if we use those three determiners?”

“Yes,” he admitted.

“Do I care for you and your brother, if we use those three determiners?”

“Yes,” he answered, his eyes stared intently.

Later, the night ended with him stretched out on the sofa with Spanish notes in hand.

Pay Attention
Be Consistent
Give It Our All