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13 Beauty Apps That'll Revolutionize Your Makeup Routine

Grab your mascara, fave lipstick, and cell phone—that's right, your phone. We found 13 beauty apps that are changing the beauty game, and are bound to influence the way you get ready, too.


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GlamScout can recreate any celeb or other beauty look—through augmented reality, of course. So how does that work? You use your phone as a "mirror," and you can search through more than 80 brands and thousands of products to recreate any combination. You can share or post your favorite looks and buy your dream products in-app. Amazing.

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NailSnaps is the app for the gal who dreams of being a nail artist but doesn't necessarily have the skills needed to make it happen. The app lets you create personalized nail art made from your own amazing photos, while exploring what other artists are creating, and once you have your dream design, you can turn it into custom nail wraps that you can purchase for yourself. They're literally one-of-a-kind, and we love it.

Photo: @nailsnaps | Instagram

Makeup Genius by L'Oreal

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L'Oreal's app changes up the swatch game a bit. Instead of covering your arm in lipstick shades, you are able to create your own beauty looks instantly, as curated by makeup artists. They explain that this technology is seen in Hollywood studios, but has yet to be seen in the world of beauty—until now, that is. And if they have tips for looking as flawless as Barbara Palvin, then it might be worth a try.

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Priv delivers beauty and wellness professionals—whether that be a manicurist, masseuse, personal trainer, or even spray tanner—to you from their own curated network. At this point, it's only available in New York, Los Angeles, Austin, and London, but they're hoping to expand soon. (And we hope so, too.)

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Bellashoot ranks among some of the best apps for sharing beauty advice with your besties. All you have to do to join in the conversation is upload and share your favorite beauty products, nail inspo, hairstyles, DIY beauty recipes, and so much more. The next time you're getting ready and have a beauty question—or want to help answer someone else's biggest beauty blunder—you'll want to check Bellashoot.

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Plum Perfect

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Love makeup tutorials? Then you'll love Plum Perfect. Plum Perfect's technology scans your photos and more than 60,000 makeup products to find the perfect match for your skin tone—all through a simple selfie. It'll help you determine what shades work best for you, and for $1.99 a month, you can have access to beauTV, which shows tutorials from your favorite beauty vloggers and lets you buy the products right as you're watching.

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ShadeScout is a cosmetics color search app that instantly finds makeup matching any color you see. If you spot a color you'd like to wear as a shade of lipstick, or want to nail that celebrity dupe, all you have to do is capture the color on your phone and see how it looks on you in real time. Once you find the right shade, you can search through thousands of products to buy your dream shade.

Photo: @shadescoutapp | Instagram

The Glam App

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The Glam App was created by the best—aka Joey Maalouf, whose clients include Jessica Alba, Rachel Zoe, and Diane Von Furstenberg—and offers everything a beauty lover would need. Featuring 22 cities (with five coming soon!), this app connects you with a wide range of services, including blow dry, makeup application, or a simple polish change. Best yet? You don't even have to leave your house—they bring the salon to you. And if you're a budding beauty artist, you can join the site to start building your client base.

Photo: @theglamapp | Instagram

CoverGirl BeautyU

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Let's be real: CoverGirl BeautyU is cool. After logging in, you get a real-time face scan, answer a few beauty consultation questions, and then virtually try on all the products CoverGirl has to offer. Find the perfect shade, watch how-to videos, and save your favorite looks so you can recreate them later on.

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YouCam Makeup

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YouCam Makeup is your go-to for a digital makeover. Mixing and matching hundreds of different beauty products to find the perfect look for any occasion is just the start—you can also check out your daily beauty horoscope, edit photos, and share your looks with other "Beautyists" on the app for even more collaborative inspiration.

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MatchCo is the answer for any beauty guru who has struggled finding a foundation that perfectly matches their own unique skin color. And it works in app by using your phone as a scanner. Crazy, right? After you go through the process of pre-, during-, and post-scanning it gives you the option to purchase your very own, perfectly matching foundation. Seems a little crazy, but what we would give to not get stuck in the drugstore beauty section testing (seemingly) hundreds of shades that don't really match anyway. Thank goodness for technology.

Photo: @matchco_ | Instagram

Spruce by Spruce Health

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Heads up: Spruce isn't a free app. Spruce offers online visits with board-certified dermatologists, and though it costs $40 per session, it includes diagnosis, a personalized treatment plan, and 30 days follow-up messaging. How does it work? You submit your health information and photos of your trouble spots (anything from eczema and psoriasis to bug bites and acne) through the app to a board-certified U.S. dermatologist, and within 24 hours, you will get a response and a personalized treatment plan. It's currently available in 15 states, and you can check out the full list here. (Tip: If you are under the age of 18, you'll need parental consent for treatment on the app.)

Photo: @sprucehealth | Instagram

Sephora Makeup & Beauty App

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Do you find that what was meant to be a "quick trip to Sephora" ended up being not-so quick? Same. So the Sephora app might just be the game changer. The beauty brand's app lets you buy makeup, discover new products, and get access to rewards all within the app. Plus, it has a Sephora Virtual Artist that gives step-by-step makeover tutorials, includes virtual try-on features, and offers other bits of beauty advice.

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