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14 Reasons Cyber Monday Is Superior To Black Friday

The holiday season is upon us and inevitably so is the insane shopping that comes with it. The most common shopping event is hands down Black Friday, but is it becoming too over the top?

Black Friday started as a way for businesses to make money and for consumers to get the goods they desired on mega sale, which is a decent trade off. Throughout the years this has grown into an event that, according to Black Friday Death Count, has been responsible for 7 deaths and 98 injuries. The sales are also starting earlier, taking those in the retail business away from their families to try to survive spending the night with countless crazed customers. Skip the lines, the mobs, and the frankly aggressive shoppers while getting the gifts you want with Cyber Monday. The concept itself is pretty explanatory, but most people overlook this online shopping extravaganza for the chaos. Here's a few reasons why you should choose to spread holiday cheer with Cyber Monday.

1. It's the gift that keeps on giving.


You pretty much get the joy of your gifts three times: buying, receiving, and then ultimately giving (it's your prerogative if that just so happens to be to yourself).


2. No pants necessary.


It's Cyber Monday, you make the rules and it's more than understandable if pants aren't one of them.


3. Forget the war paint.


No need to bring in the troops to divide and conquer trying to find all the hidden goods, just simply click away.


4. Larger availability.


Cyber Monday generally offers a larger quantity of items than what is available in stores.


5. Shop from literally anywhere.


Yep, that's right. It's multitasking at it's finest. Shop from your bed, your couch, your cubicle—just consider getting your boss something if they catch you doing the deed.


6. No need to feel bad for retail workers.


They, and their families thank you for sparing them the drama that is working Black Friday.

7. No travel time.


Don't waste precious time driving from store to store to get everything on your list. With Cyber Monday all you want is just a tab away.

8. More sleep.



Forget staying up until the break of dawn, and we all know you wanted to take a nap after a long hard day of eating the most delicious food.


9. No lines.


Is there even a "good spot" in line anymore? Also considering they may wrap all the way around around the building, we think we'll pass.


10. No babysitter.


Just promise us you won't bring your child Black Friday shopping, especially if they're still in diapers.


11. No need to plan for weather.


There's nothing worse than bundling up to survive the out-the-door lines, just to start sweating inside the store because you're being forced to run from section to section.


12. Compare prices instantly.


Forget the planning and ad comparing, get the most bang for your buck by simply switching tabs.


13. You make more rational buys.


The whole psychological element to Black Friday is that everthing is scarce, this will never happen again, and discounted electronics are worth fighting to to death over. But do you really need two blenders because they're $20?


14. No baggage.


Cyber Monday allows you to buy bigger items without having to break a sweat lugging your loot.

Maybe you enjoy the hunt, maybe it's tradition, but all we know is that if you're still going Black Friday shopping—you're missing out. We'll be sleeping, eating leftovers, and planning our Cyber Monday wishlists.

Alisha Humiston

Alisha is a student at Iowa State University. When she isn't in class or writing for More you can find her watching New Girl, planning her next adventure, or eating way too much cheese. One day she hopes to get her own joke printed on a Laffy Taffy wrapper.

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