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16 Gadget Gifts Under $100 For The Tech Lover In Your Life

Keep up with the latest innovations that are actually worth the money. We've complied a list of the most relevant gifts to get you the best bang for your buck.

Virtual Reality Headset, $50

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This headset allows you to enter into a completely new world with the 360 degree design. View your favorite 3D movies, videos or games by downloading them from the app store.

Photo: Urban Outfitters

Smartphone Projector, $30

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No big screen? No problem. This cardboard projector allows you to stream directly from your phone onto whatever flat surface you'd like. There are designated holes for chargers and the device also amplifies sound.

Photo: Urban Outfitters

Keyboard Projector, $100

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Forget about the small keyboard on your iPad or Tablet. This portable keyboard projects a fully functioning keyboard onto any flat surface. It can also serve as a mouse too.

Photo: Urban Outfitters

3Doodler Pen, $99

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Get this gift for a friend who is constantly doodling. This 3D pen is able to bring your drawings to life from the ground up. It heats up colored plastic that cools almost instantly. Great for drawings, models, and even for jewelry. By far one of the best gifts you'll give.

Photo: Urban Outfitters

Solar Powered Charger, $80

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This portable solar panel captures energy from the sun which can then charge your electronic devices on the go. Ideal for camping and even music festivals.

Photo: Amazon

Underwater Camera, $56

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This camera is ideal for all types of occasions. It's able to take photos or videos, built in anti-shake features, and is also waterproof. For this price, don't be surprised when it sells out.

Photo: Amazon

Olloclip Lens, $79

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This external lens allows you to take astonishing pictures and videos with the option of four lenses without any additional parts. It is also great for producing photos with extreme clarity.

Photo: Olloclip

Wireless Triple Charging Station, $70

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Sharing is caring. This wireless charging station allows you to charge up to three devices at once. No one will ever forget their charging cord again.

Photo: Ikea

Polaroid Camera, $70

9 / 16


This Polaroid camera allows you to capture and share your memories instantly and in style. Make a statement with gifts that keep giving.

Photo: Nordstrom Rack

Universal Phone Remote, $50

10 / 16


No need to keep looking for the remote. This device allows you to turn your smartphone into a remote for up to eight devices. Simply point, click, and enjoy.

Photo: Think Geek

Waterproof Shower Speakers, $30

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These speakers are not only cute, but extremely practical. They suction to almost any surface in your shower and connects to your devices via Bluetooth to stream uninterrupted music.


Wireless Video Monitoring Camera, $80

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Use this wifi camera as a baby monitor, a security device for your home or business, or simply have it to check on your pets throughout the day. Set up is a breeze and place it anywhere you'd like. No wires, no fuss.

Photo: sublimegadgets

Tracking Devices, $59

13 / 16


These coin-sized tracking devices will save you money in the long run and bring peace of mind. Great to place on a key ring, in a wallet or purse, or even in your luggage when on vacation. When purchasing you will receive three tracking devices, now you just have to decided what to use them for.

Photo: bestbuy

Handbag Light, $30

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Tired of blindly rummaging through your purse? Look no further. This small, yet powerful light turns on when it senses your hand. Battery operated and efficient, what more could you ask for...besides a new purse?


Light Switch Controller, $40

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No more guessing about whether you forgot to turn off a light. The Switchmate app lets you control the lighting remotely or schedule when to turn on and off lights.

Photo: cnet

Anti-Gravity Phone Case, $40

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This phone case allows you to watch, take photos, or face time hands free. The case is made with tons on micro suction cups that allow you to mount your phone anywhere for anything.


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