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8 Tech Essentials To Bring To The Beach This Summer

Summer is all about adventure, and you don't have time to worry about your battery life while you're out living your beach dreams. Here are eight tech essentials to help you have some fun in the sun. (And make sure your tech doesn't die while you're at it.)

Sand, sun, and... tech. You're not going to want to hit the beach without your phone, your favorite music, and a way to make (and keep) all those summer memories fresh in your mind long after the warm weather is gone.

Check out our eight summer tech must-haves to get you into the beachy spirit ASAP.

Water-Ready Camera, $199


GoPros are a must-have for collecting every summer memory—whether you're trekking the highest peaks or diving deep into the ocean. The camera itself is waterproof, which is a massive plus for anyone spending their days beachside or poolside, just in case you get tossed into the water—on purpose or by "accident," of course.

Portable Outdoor Safe, $39.95


If you've ever been worried about keeping your electronics safe poolside as you take a dip, then AquaVault is an essential for you. With enough room for wallets, watches, and more, this locks onto any piece of pool furniture or permanent fixture, ensuring that no one will run off with your valuables. (And keep your mind at ease as you have some fun, too.)

Waterproof Speaker, $39.99

Altec Speaker

Nothing goes with sunshine like some epic summer anthems, and a waterproof speaker, like this style by Altec Lansing, proves that you can look cool and play cool songs. This particular style has 6 hours of battery life–enough to get most beachgoers through the prime, sunshiney hours.

eReader, $79.99


We're surely not the only ones who have a mile-long summer book reading list, and it's possible that the Nook GlowLight Plus is one of the best (and cheapest) readers on the market. The battery lasts up to six weeks (!!) on a single charge, and the screen's improved contrast makes this particular model the easiest to read in the sun. (Plus, it's waterproof!)

Snapchat Spectacles, $129.99


Capture that epic game of sand volleyball, or even your early morning run, hands-free with Snapchat's coolest new tool. You simply press the button to record and then save the photo onto your memories on your handheld device—free to access (and share) later on!

Polaroid Camera, $99.99


When you want to make that in-the-moment memory come to life in a special way, a Polaroid photo is perfect a perfect way to make that happen. This pocket size version of the original prints photos in just under a minute. (Or, if you don't care to have your photos print instantly, you can insert an SD card to save the photo memories instead.)

External Charger, $29.99

Tanga Charger

If you're capturing all the best moments of the day using your phone, then you're going to need an external charger to make sure your device lasts as long as you do. External chargers, like this design from Tanga, are available mostly everywhere, in any color, design, and capacity. Basically, if you've never used an external charger before, it's going to change your life.

Headphones, $129.95

Neiman Marcus

And if you're more of an early morning run kind of person—or you would like to find some peace and quiet on a busy beach—then a solid pair of headphones are a worthy investment. Plus, they're an important addition to any tech collection, so a pair of Beats, like these available at Neiman Marcus, are going to be topping your summer tech must-have list.

Which piece of tech will you have to pick up?

Maggie Dickman

Maggie is a digital apprentice at Meredith Corporation. When she's not writing trending stories, you'll find her full on blasting One Direction, scanning through her favorite fashion blogs or hitting up any and every concert that passes through her home base of Des Moines.

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