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These Gorgeous Marble-Look Tech Products Double As Accessories

Tech can be the ultimate accessory—and we want sleek, portable and stylish options more than ever. From colorful and glistening finishes to classic black and white shades, marble tech products are a staple when you need tech to double as an accessory.

Mint Marble Macbook Skin, $25

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Your laptop goes everywhere you go- so give it a major makeover. Uniqfind's Mint Marble Macbook Skin has a colorful and fun print that is still sleek and subtle enough to rock at the office after having met with all your creative friends at the coffee shop.

Photo: Uniqfind

Happy Plugs Carrara Marble Earbuds, $25

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Music can take you to your own little world. Plug in your headphones and escape reality for a little while with Happy Plug's trendy Marble Headphones—which are extra gorgeous thanks to their rose gold detail.

Photo: Happy Plugs

Frends Tahitian Pearl Headphones, $115

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Turn heads with Frends' "Taylor" Tahitan Pearl Headphones, which have a gorgeous textured cap with marbled pink, blue and green colors that add a touch of glam to your everyday look. Your morning commute has never been so trendy.

Photo: Frends

Ankit Marble Charger, $20

4 / 15


Never get stuck in traffic on 10% battery again. And it will be easy to keep this adorable Marble Car Charger from Ankit on you at all times, especially since the combo pack includes a seperate plug for charging your iPhone.

Photo: Ankit

Mystic Stone iPhone Case, $35

5 / 15


This Mystic Stone iPhone Case from Wild Flower Cases will bring out your inner boho babe. The earth tones will stand out in those addictive mirror selfies- and who doesn't love a calming vibe when you're sending that risky text?

Photo: Wild Flower Cases

White Marble Skin for the Fitbit Charge, $9

6 / 15


With a classic black and white marble skin detail on your Fitbit, you might be more motivated than ever to strap it on every morning. Try Mighty Skins' White Marble Skin for giving your favorite piece of techwear an instant upgrade.

Photo: Mighty Skins

Marble Print Phone Charger, $25

7 / 15


Your most basic essentials shouldn't be boring. This Feminine Universal Phone Charger with pink, purple and white marble detail will make charging your phone (or lending it to others) easier than ever. And because it's so cute, you'll never forget to toss it in your purse.

Photo: Hang Accessories

The Blaster Bluetooth Speakers, $125

8 / 15


Take the party everywhere you go. Nixon's Blaster Bluetooth Speakers are portable and lightweight enough to carry from the beach to the party.

Photo: Revolve

Slim Marble Power Bank , $29

9 / 15


This power bank might look like a heavy slab of marble, but it's actually no bigger than your average credit card. With a built-in lightning cable plug and universal charging capabilities, you'll need this palm-sized super charger for your next weekend getaway.

Photo: Gmyle

Macbook Laptop Carrying Sleeve, $35

10 / 15


With all the things you have going on, you can't waste a single minute worrying about a damaged computer. This protective laptop sleeve will prevent damage and will look elegant and trendy all day long.

Photo: Agent18

Black Marble Apple Watch Strap, $52

11 / 15


Your Apple Watch is the ultimate multi-tasking accessory- and super easy to customize to fit your personality. Make it even more fun with a protective black and white band.

Photo: Casetify

Ringly Aries Bracelet, $195

12 / 15


The Boardwalk Bracelet from Ringly's new Aries Collection is essential for its bluetooth communication notifications and step tracking capabilities, but the fact that it's super sleek and fashionable isn't so bad either.

Photo: Ringly

Modern Beauty Inspirational iPad Cover, $45

13 / 15


Feeling blah? A pretty and inspirational iPad Cover is exactly what you need for getting over those Monday blues before heading to work.

Photo: Casetfiy

RBX TR1 Bluetooth Activity Tracker, $30

14 / 15


Head to the gym or your evening hike in style with the blue marbelized RBX Bluetooth Activity Tracker. You'll be turning heads during spin class and have a better understanding of your health than ever before thanks to its fitness tracking features and sleep monitor.

Photo: Groupon

Urban Outfitters Slim Marble Power Charger, $24

15 / 15


A portable charger can be a life saver when you're spending hours traveling outside your office or apartment. But if you're not into the standard black or gray chargers that add bulk to your already-heavy bag, this Slim Marble Portable Power Charger is the pefect option for juicing up your phone before catching that flight.

Photo: Urban Outfitters

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