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These High-Tech Heels Claim To Feel Like Your Most Comfortable Sneakers

A Kickstarter campaign by Antonia Saint New York has invented high-tech heels that feel like sneakers inside. 

This story originally appeared on by Tamara Kraus.

Comfort and style don't always meet—especially when it comes to shoes. But thanks to a new Kickstarter, you'll soon be able to walk in heels that promise supreme comfort.

Crafted at The Brooklyn Shoe Factory, this functional pair is revolutionizing the heel market. The patent-pending SoftSurround System technology claims to gently cushion and support the entire foot (the same cushiony feeling your favorite sneakers have). And you never have to worry about a heel breaking—the Kickstarter claims its nylon construction ensures your shoes last five times longer and are nick-resistant.

High-tech heels by designer Antonia Saint NY

Launched as a Kickstarter by designer Antonia Saint NY, the heels had a fundraising goal of $50,000. To no surprise, the goal has already been surpassed—and by a landslide. With 18 days to go, the designer has already raised $596,820.

To get on the early bird list for the heels, you’ll need to pledge at least $220. This package includes a free $70 custom-fitting service and free U.S. shipping. While packages skew as high as $1,000, there are plenty of more reasonable options to satisfy your shoe obsession. If you pledge $170 or more, you’ll receive a pair of Jane Autumn Flats in black, a free $70 custom-fitting service, and free U.S. shipping. And if you’re not ready to commit just yet, you can pledge just $5 to get insider updates on the tech-heel craze.

With these genius heels, you might actually look forward to your commute to work. Still not a fan of heels? Try these flats instead.

Sidney Burds

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