Teen Girl T-Shirt Line Goes Too Far

by admin

Teen Girl T-Shirt Line Goes Too Far

I hate to be one of those “When I was a kid …” people who complain about the sorry state of the current generation, but seriously, what’s up with what teens wear these days? When I was in school, girls were routinely called into the office for wearing spaghetti-strapped tank tops and flip flops. Now nine-year-olds sport skinny jeans and thongs are marketed toward girls too young to realize that panty lines are problematic. 

I thought the worst had come, but now Hollister is introducing a new line of t-shirts aimed toward the pre-teen/teen set with horrifying slogans like “Legal-ish” and “I [Heart] the Woody.” And we thought makeup and miniskirts were bad? The most depressing part is I can already envision the gaggle of twelve-year-old girls descending upon these abominations with glee. When stores think it’s okay to make shirts for young girls that say, “Save a Wave, Ride a Surfer,” I have to wonder—when did pre-teen become a euphemism for sex kitten? 

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