Teens Views: Why Dating Is Not Worthless

by admin

Teens Views: Why Dating Is Not Worthless

Teenagers, dating is not worthless. However, teenagers have no business dating in their early adolescence, meaning thirteen or fourteen. Yes, I am an adult, but keep in mind, I once was a teenager myself (although many of you teens out there think we adults, and actually your parents, could not have been). Personally speaking, teenagers should not begin dating until they are at least sixteen years old. Teenagers have so much to look forward to and dating is not an important issue right now. Don’t get me wrong. I accept that teenagers are curious by nature, and that they instinctively seek out members of the opposite sex. (I don’t want to get into homosexuality dating here—that’s an entirely different subject.)

Teenagers interested in dating and getting to know someone is fine. A girl seeks out a boy because “he’s cute,” or “he smiled at me.” A boy seeks out a girl because “she’s cute,” or “she smiled at me.” Here comes the art of flirtation … look out! An acceptable form of behavior experienced by many that mostly is harmless. Teenagers should be able to spend time with others, getting to know them, but as for love to actually occur, that is not possible. During the teenage years, boys and girls may believe they love someone of the opposite sex, but trust me, it’s not love—it’s infatuation.

Love is an emotion that can only be experienced by adult men and women. Why? Because many consequences come along with this powerful emotion. Yes, I’m sure many teenagers out there love their parents, their siblings, their grandparents, and other relatives. Perhaps they may even love their best friend, a teacher, or a beloved pet. But for a teenage girl to love a boy or a teenage boy to love a girl … it is just not possibly so. This is why teenagers also have no business having sex.

Perhaps I am old-fashioned, but I firmly believe that sex is something that should only be experienced by adults. Of course, many teenagers believe otherwise. So infatuated teenagers have careless sex, each verbally expressing their “love” for each other. And then, there’s the consequence—a baby. I also believe that abortions are wrong. But many teen girls will choose to “get rid of it” and thus, have an abortion.

This is why teenagers should yes, spend time getting to know the opposite sex, but without being promiscuous. Girls, don’t spend so much time in front of the mirror, doing everything possible to be attractive enough for that special boy you’re trying to impress. The same goes for the boys. They, too, will spend too much time overdoing it (easy on the cologne or after-shave), usually to simply get that special girl to look at them. Life has so much more to offer.

What about your current life, specifically your education? That is more important than simply wanting to “catch” that special someone’s attention. You each have so much more time for that. Study hard, get good grades, join extracurricular activities, do some charity/volunteer work. Your future will be here before you know it. But teenagers never listen to adults/parents. After all, what do they know?

By only wanting to date and date and date without concentrating on anything else, heartbreak will only result. An unwanted pregnancy, endless tears, anger towards that person, or long periods of misery. If you instead concentrate on your current life, you will be so much better off when you’re in your early twenties. Attending college and preparing for a career will be the best decision you can make. Imagine: there you are at your designated career choice, you’ve caught the eye of a special someone, you ask him/her out, get to know each other, and you both enjoy life! Now you are ready to enjoy dating and deal with any consequences, should they result.

Dating is not worthless. But teenagers, this should not be the only thing that encompasses your daily life. Have fun. Enjoy your youth, but with care and safety.