Tell Mom thanks for finishing your diorma of the Alam

by admin

Tell Mom thanks for finishing your diorma of the Alam

Mother’s Day is fast approaching.

For you young ones out there, please remember your mom on Sunday and do something nice for her, even if it’s just a call. I think a lot of 20 somethings think that their mom’s still want “stuff” for Mother’s Day; but what most of the moms I know, moms that are in their late 50′s or 60′s really want is some time with you; preferably face-to-face but a nice call will do too if you can’t swing a visit.

A nice call- not one of these 20 second obligatory wonders:

“Hi. Happy Mother’s Day. Everything good with you? OK. Bye.”

My mom is gone now; and although our relationship wasn’t always perfect especially when I was an adult, there are times I still wish I had her to turn to.

Tell her thanks for sitting in the steamy bathroom with you at 2am when you had the croup.

Tell her thanks for not tying you to a tree at the rest stop and driving away when you were on that long vacation when you were “just being as boy”.

Tell her thanks for staying up and finishing your diorama of the Alamo.

Tell her thanks for scouring the city to buy another copy of the book you needed for your book report. The book you’d already lost twice.

Tell her thanks for not duct taping your mouth shut after your 500th smart ass response.

Tell her thanks for letting you have your own style, even if it was painful for her to watch.

Tell her thanks for doing the footnotes for your history paper.

Tell her thanks for putting her needs before your own- at least most of the time.

Tell her thanks for loving you even when you were being an ungrateful little shit and acting like a troll. (Which you know you were, at least some of the time.)

Just say thanks.

PS- And no interrupting or rolling of your eyes when she tells you the same story for the hundredth time.

Just smile.

It’s her day.