Tempestuous Temper Tantrums

by admin

Tempestuous Temper Tantrums

I recently got a phone call from a mum who was at her wits end with her little boy who seems to have gone from being a little cherub to becoming a monster—all in the space of a few months. It can be really hard work dealing with tantrum-prone children. I have known mothers who hate going out to the shops with their child lest they throw a hissy-fit and she has to beat a hasty retreat. The hardest part is finding out what triggers these black moods, how to avoid said triggers and how to teach the child to move into a positive mode.

Those triggers can be any number of things from low blood sugar and tiredness to frustration. At times, none of these reasons may apply and the child is checking out their boundaries. Whatever the reason, these can be trying times for the poor parent in charge who can frequently be driven to simply giving in for a moment’s peace and quiet! Over the years I have developed and fine-tuned a small yet effective pack of resources for parents to take with them if they have a cherub-turned-monster in their care. It is best to go prepared and I believe it is well worth ensuring you have your anti-tantrum kit with you during these tough periods.

First, a small pack of raisins or a sugar-free fruit bar or even a banana, something the child likes (no not a bar of chocolate!) which rapidly addresses a sugar low, then the wonderful Bach Flower Remedies—I always have some rescue remedy on hand which is often needed by both parent and child, however for specific temper tantrums it is worth choosing between Impatiens (for the child who says I want, I want, I want and gets angry when he/she does not get their own way).

Otherwise, there is Vervain, which is ideal for the highly-strung child who needs calming down and Crab Apple is the one for those purely ratty moments. And then there is the aromatherapy blend Stomp, which I specifically developed for the stompy toddler—it works just as well on stompy husbands and teenagers I might add. Just a few inhalations are needed to start restoring some calm—actually it is best used prior to any outburst, so dab a few drops on the child’s jumper before you go out and take some with you.