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Ten Weird Outfits for Babies

Babies are precious, treasured angels that should be treated with the utmost care, love, and respect. Sometimes I see a child with a scull and crossbones t-shirt, crocs, or pink stiletto high heels and I wonder—what in the world were mom and pop smoking? Whether it’s for Halloween, your neighborhood street party, or Thanksgiving dinner, these parents have taken it too far.

Hamburger Baby
I like my baby medium rare with a side of onion rings and American cheese, please.

Photo source: CyberSalt

Lobster Baby
First you boil the cute crustacean, then season, garnish with fresh lemons, and serve.

Photo source: Ke Cute, Martha Stewart

Baby Mop
Make him work for his mashed up green peas. Take that Swiffer Wet Jet!

Photo source: DavenGrace

Whoopee Cushion Baby
What’s that smell? It’s not your bean burrito, it’s baby! (Great for practical jokes, but use with caution.)

Photo source: Buy Costumes

Car Freshener Baby
Beware, he may be too heavy to hang from the rear-view mirror and the odors emitted may not be quite so lemony-fresh.

Photo source: Buy Costumes

Wonder Bread Baby
Makes great French toast, peanut butter and jelly sammies, and comes pre-sliced.

Photo source: Buy Costumes

Roast Turkey Baby
An interesting alternative to traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Who needs Jenny-O’s freezer turkeys when you can baste little Owen and garnish him with fresh garlic?

Photo source: Martha Stewart

Wig-Wearing Baby
From Donald Trump to Bob Marley, start covering your wee one’s premature balding before he’s weaned from the teat.

Photo source: Baby Toupee

Poop-Head Baby
Poop belongs in the toilet, not on your baby’s head.

Photo source: Silly Jokes

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