Ten Weird Outfits for Babies

by Neha Grey

Ten Weird Outfits for Babies

Babies are precious, treasured angels that should be treated with the utmost care, love, and respect. Sometimes I see a child with a scull and crossbones t-shirt, crocs, or pink stiletto high heels and I wonder—what in the world were mom and pop smoking? Whether it’s for Halloween, your neighborhood street party, or Thanksgiving dinner, these parents have taken it too far.


Ten Weird Outfits for Babies


Hamburger Baby
I like my baby medium rare with a side of onion rings and American cheese, please.


Photo source: CyberSalt


Lobster Baby
First you boil the cute crustacean, then season, garnish with fresh lemons, and serve.


Photo source: Ke Cute, Martha Stewart


Baby Mop
Make him work for his mashed up green peas. Take that Swiffer Wet Jet!


Photo source: DavenGrace


Whoopee Cushion Baby
What’s that smell? It’s not your bean burrito, it’s baby! (Great for practical jokes, but use with caution.)


Photo source: Buy Costumes


Car Freshener Baby
Beware, he may be too heavy to hang from the rear-view mirror and the odors emitted may not be quite so lemony-fresh.


Photo source: Buy Costumes



Wonder Bread Baby
Makes great French toast, peanut butter and jelly sammies, and comes pre-sliced.


Photo source: Buy Costumes


Roast Turkey Baby
An interesting alternative to traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Who needs Jenny-O’s freezer turkeys when you can baste little Owen and garnish him with fresh garlic?


Photo source: Martha Stewart


Wig-Wearing Baby
From Donald Trump to Bob Marley, start covering your wee one’s premature balding before he’s weaned from the teat.


Photo source: Baby Toupee


Poop-Head Baby
Poop belongs in the toilet, not on your baby’s head.


Photo source: Silly Jokes