The Terrible Teens

by admin

The Terrible Teens

My story starts just as a crazy mother who has a crazy house full of teens. I have a nineteen-, fifteen-, fourteen-, and twelve-year-old. I thought the more the years go by the easier it was going to get … Boy was I wrong.

My nineteen-year-old is my stepson and he is one of a kind. He’s very highly intelligent but puts no effort into continuing his education to have a good career it’s all party time for him. Drives me absolutely nuts to see such intelligence going to waste. This kid is super smart and doesn’t have any ambition to get out and make something for himself.

My fifteen-year-old is my oldest girl. She is special in many ways and has endured such pain only adults could imagine going through. She just got burned severely and honestly her endurance in the hospital kept me going. Now she is home and things are suppose to go back to normal. Not happening! She shows no enthusiasm in anything but that darn cell phone that’s attached to her hand. Talking to her is not an option, as she knows it all. 

My fourteen year old is my son. He is a mama’s boy. Nothing wrong with that except he has anger issues in which we like to fight whoever when they talk smack as he puts it. I worry about him most because he’s my boy that gets into trouble without looking for it. He has no ambition for school in fact they want to help him but he’s so stubborn because he thinks they are out to get him but doesn’t realize they are just trying to help him. I try talking to him about school and get yeah yeah I know.

My twelve-year-old is my step-daughter. She’s a twelve year old with such ambition but not positive ambition. She’s twelve going on thirty sometimes. She has boys that chase her already and likes to make up stories to her friends that she shouldn’t be doing. I try talking to her but she just gets upset.

No one warned me that the teens are the worst years and that’s where all your grays come from is stress and worry over your children. I found out the hard way. My house is always busy with kids and kids from different houses are normally here too. I don’t know about you, but my life is very hectic and non-stop.

So if you have children and think this is going to get easier the older they get, think again!