Terrible Twos? Ha! Try Threes

by admin

Terrible Twos? Ha! Try Threes

Here is a new stage that seems worse than the terrible twos.

My three year old step-son was pretty bad when he was two, what with the fits and yelling but he wasn’t horrible. Now that he is three, he is a monster. He back talks, smart mouths, yells, throws tantrums, hits people, bosses, and the most recent development, he gets into things and makes god-awful messes. I’m not talking about toys and little things, I mean getting up in the middle of the night or early morning and taking shampoo and body wash and pouring it into the toilet, or taking a five pound bag of sugar and dumping it in the middle of the floor, or what he did this morning, take shaving cream, spray it all over the bathroom, his bedroom, all over the baby’s playpen and then taking our toothbrushes and drawing in it.

My husband and I have custody of him and very rarely does he go to his mother’s house. I say that because it is very rarely that she calls and actually wants to keep him for a few days. Well when she does take him, she doesn’t pay that much attention to him and he turns into a monster to get her attention. That’s when she calls us to come pick him up. Well when he comes home he acts up thinking he has to do that to get our attention. Then it takes us a couple of days to get him back to his normal good behavior. When he gets back to normal everything is good but now it is almost like he isn’t back to normal. He knows that he isn’t supposed to do those things because he will get into trouble, but he does them anyway. I feel like I’m ripping my hair out, this is driving me crazy. Why is my little boy acting this way? I don’t believe that it has anything to do with my having a baby, because he constantly goes on and on about how he can’t wait until his brother gets here. Also his aunt just had a baby girl and he is so good with her. He also gets all the attention he could possibly want, so why would he act like this?