Texting and Driving: Is This PSA Too Graphic?

by admin

Now that more states are banning talking on cell phones while driving, many of us have incorporated wireless earpieces into our driving regimen. Unfortunately, though, many drivers continue to text when they’re behind the wheel. A recent Virginia Tech study found that those who text while driving are twenty-three times more likely to be involved in a collision than non-texters, and yet many of us—teens and adults—still do it. 

This PSA, produced by the Gwent Police Department in Gwent, Wales, shows the potential outcome of texting while driving in graphic detail. While it’s likely too graphic to make its way to U.S. television, many are making the argument that this should be required viewing for U.S. teens. What do you think? Would you show this video to your teenager? Do you think it would be effective in getting the message across or do you think it’s too much? 

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