There Was a Little Girl

by admin

There Was a Little Girl

Do you ever find yourself wistfully thinking of days gone by when your kids (if you have them) were younger, gas was less expensive, and you could actually live on one paycheck? I do. I remember “the good old days” quite well, and I’m finding myself with a definite case of nostalgia.

Perhaps it’s the reality that my eldest girl child has moved from sweet, lovely child: to nineteen and a beautiful young woman … enlisting in the United States Air Force with a desire to make a difference and leave her mark on the world.

A gorgeous creature who was once a four year old child. A little girl, Christmas season dragged every Barbie she owned … and all of their accessories … down the stairs from her bedroom. Informing me she and the accompanying dolls were on their way to Bethlehem to “honor the baby Jesus.” A little toy stable and holy family awaited the entourage in the family room. My heart melted! When did she grow up? How did I blink and suddenly find myself beside this amazing woman where a child once stood?

Then there is my baby … who went from this happy go lucky child to a stunning young lady who is now taller than me! My little girl who’s signature color was pink. Who talked a mile a minute … okay she still does that…and could probably establish peace in the Middle East from sheer force of will. Alright so maybe she could still do that one too. The little girl with a halo of ringlets around her head and had the most infectious laugh you’ve ever heard! How is it possible she’s planning her future as a pastry chef with less than two years until graduation from High School when only yesterday I was teaching her how to read?

Time does fly swiftly past, my friends. Yesterday I was slender, and in my twenties. Full of hope and possibilities. Today I have way too much girth for my personal vanity or my health. I’m still full of hope and possibilities, but with a clear understanding the next time I turn around I could be a grandmother.

How does it happen? How do the days of life which seemed to crawl past as a child climbing trees, sledding down a hill with your best friends, or playing in a creek; suddenly move at break neck speed once you’ve reached maturity? Allowing what’s truly important to often be overwhelmed by the responsibilities of the work a day world and life as an adult.

In the sermon on the mount, Jesus admonished us to focus on the here and now with these words:

“So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today.”
Matthew 7:34 (NLT)

Perhaps Jesus knew we as human beings tend to miss God and life by focusing on the wrong things. We miss the joy, love, forgiveness, and grace God has to offer us through a relationship with him. We miss our families. Suddenly the kids have grown up, or we aren’t satisfied with our job. We regret our current position in life. We become so consumed by our daily worries, we miss our daily blessings.

Life happens so fast. Too fast to spend all of our time in worry and miss God inspired opportunities. What are you focusing on today? Who has your focus? Let’s live in the moment and thank God for the blessings He’s provided through the faces you see every day.