Things I Don’t Miss about Toddlers

by admin

Things I Don’t Miss about Toddlers

I love my nephew. I really do. But when I see my two-year-old nephew, I remember what it was like to have toddlers in my house (and on the couch, the tables, and the counters) and I remember to appreciate the ability to remain seated and to eat with both hands at the same time. Also, I remember what I don

’t miss about having toddlers around. Here are five of them.

When it comes to toddlers, I don

t miss …

  1. … having to scan the room for potential hazards, much like the Secret Service at the Presidential Inauguration.
  2. … shoving dinner down the chute in four minutes, forty-four seconds (toddlerhood meal average) so I can get back to following a toddler up the stairs, down the stairs, up the stairs …
  3. … enduring meltdowns over the gum/mints/Reese

    ’s Peanut Butter Cups/Good Housekeeping magazine with the cupcake on the cover that’s eye level in the supermarket.

  4. … nap-inducing drives around the neighborhood. (Why do they work better on Mommy?).
  5. … mysterious sticky substances on various surfaces, including the cat

    ’s fur and my boots.

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