Things That Make Two Terrific vs. Terrible

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Things That Make Two Terrific vs. Terrible

Being on the other side of a major illness, has its way of making things seem much “easier.” Through our journey of raising quadruplets, there always seems to be an ebb and flow of challenges and smooth sailing. Although it is subject to change at any moment, we are currently soaking up a less difficult stage. Of course every day has its challenges, discipline, and work, but it seems small in comparison to the load of the last few weeks.

We’ve been hearing, “Wait ’Til They’re Two” since before they were born, and I’m sure there are many difficult days ahead, but we also know that perspective and attitude have an enormous influence on our daily lives. Each day is truly a gift, and as my triplet mama friend explains it so well, “No matter how terrible the day, the good ALWAYS outweighs the bad”. We are determined to make TWO TERRIFIC!

Here’s some things we already LOVE about TWO:

The little boy in them is coming out more everyday.

They love to sing and are learning words to songs. Some of their favorites include: The Wheels on the Bus, ABC, The B-I-B-L-E, Old McDonald, Night Night Baby, and Jesus Loves Me. Sweet, sweet little voices.

They are learning to be little helpers.

They are becoming hilariously good at imitating us (tone of voice, body language, words).

They can climb to the top of the play set and slide down the slide.

Their bond of brotherhood has never been stronger.

They understand so much more and can follow simple directions.

They are developing a great sense of humor. (They are gonna need it!)

Their curiosity is fascinating.

They have a better understanding of turn-taking. (But oh do we have a ways to go!)

They can answer a yes/no question with better accuracy, instead of saying “no” to everything.

They are increasingly affectionate and lovable.

We’re embrassing “The Twos” and all that comes with this stage, and we’re determined to make some life-long memories while we are at it!

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