Thinking Outside of the (Wrapped) Box

by admin

Thinking Outside of the (Wrapped) Box

If your registry is already filled with the basics—or you are struggling with the idea of registering for baby #2 or #3 or … we’ve compiled a list of out-of the-ordinary gift options.

Whether these options replace or simply complement your traditional gift registries, your friends and family will likely be delighted to have choices that go outside of the (wrapped) box.

Cord Blood Banking
Planning on banking your baby’s cord blood? Many cord blood banks, including Cord Blood Registry and Viacord, offer gift registries where your friends and family can help pay for the fees associated with banking your baby’s cord blood.

Education Funds
It’s never too early to start saving for your baby’s education. Companies like Freshman Fund offer registries so families can start building their baby’s 529—even before he’s born!

Carbon Offset Companies
Look into companies like TerraPass. Friends and family can gift you carbon credits for a year’s worth of driving. That would easily cover all of those extra laps around the block when your baby’s napping in the car and you don’t want to wake her up!

Tree Planting
Another green option that’s literally green: ArborDay and TreePeople are just two of the many companies that offer tree-planting gifts. Friends and family can plant trees in honor of your baby’s birth.

Charitable Giving
Changing The Present and JustGive are examples of companies that offer registries for you set up for your baby. Already have a diaper pail and five strollers? Have your friends and family honor your baby’s birth with charitable donations!

Food Delivery Services
Okay, so this one’s more for you than for your baby, but a healthy mom equals a healthy baby! Services like Fresh Mommy from Freshology will deliver healthy, balanced meals—perfect for when you can’t even remember if you showered, much less prepared your own meals!