Third IVF Attempt and Confused

by admin

Third IVF Attempt and Confused

This is my third IVF attempt and I am confused. My first attempt I was pregnant but I had to let it miscarry because my third pregnancy test was low. I feel like I blame myself. The day I found out that I was pregnant from my nurse. I was told that my HCG level was slightly low, also, I got a call that my great grand mother past away. Two days later, I was due for my second pregnancy test and my nurse told me that my HCG level was good. That same day I was headed out of town to go to my great grand mother’s funeral. When I had came back one week later and went into take my third test. I had to let it go. So I miscarried the first time I guess you would say.

My second IVF attempt I was not pregnant. My third IVF attempt now I am pregnant. My first test was fifty-nine, which my nurse said was good. My second test was forty-nine which is lower and I continue on my patches and progesterone shots. I am due for my third test tomorrow and I don’t know what to think. I am scared as well as feeling that I will have to go through another miscarriage. Each transfer I had two blastocytes put in which are day five. The first time I felt sharp pain, slight cramping and breast tenderness. This time I just feel breast tenderness, bloated or cramping that you would get before you period and I am also having some discharge. Am I miscarrying because I am stressed out? I don’t know if it could just be that maybe this time after my first pregnancy test I felt like I was catching a cold and took some over the counter meds that I was told would be ok as long as there’s no Advil or ibuprofen in them.

After my third test tomorrow I don’t know weather it will be good news or bad. If I should try again. I do still have three more frozen blastocytes. Have you every seen a case like mines where someone has taken the first test in the third try and its good but the second test is lower. If the third test is fine is the outcome of carrying a baby full term for delivery possible?