Thirteen Tips for Adorable Child Photos

by admin

Thirteen Tips for Adorable Child Photos

Below, find some tips shared by Carrie Sandoval, a nationally known baby and children’s photographer on the Mom in the City blog. (Carrie also has a blog, Captured by Carrie.)

I asked Carrie for some tips on taking pictures of babies and young children and this is what she wrote.

For Babies and Toddlers
1. Don’t over-pose the baby. Have parents hold the baby as they normally would!

2. Use side lighting with a natural light source for the best contrast and exposure.

3. Babies look great in the buff, and don’t be afraid to get buff with the baby.

4. Make the baby comfortable by using a soft beanbag or bassinette. If they feel like they’re being held, they’re more content.

5. For a happy baby, keep them warm, relaxed, and well-fed.

6. Black and white photos are classic and timeless. They are also a good way to mask a newborn’s skin discoloration.

7. Use a toy or prop near the camera to capture their attention and focus.

8. Make sure the background is clear of clutter and toys so the attention stays on the child.

9. Laughter is contagious—laugh with your children so the pictures are natural.

10. Take a picture at their level to give better proportions. A macro lens helps with close-ups.

For Older Children
1. Take them outdoors to a beautiful park so they don’t feel so “contained” and they can take a break and run around if need be.

2. Have some knock-knock jokes up your sleeve to keep their attention!

3. Ask them questions about their friends, their pets, sports … be their friend!