Thirty-Five Ways to Beat Summer Boredom Indoors

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Thirty-Five Ways to Beat Summer Boredom Indoors

1. Make a “ball pit” with blown up balloons

2. Set up a pop-up tent

3. Make playdough

4. Have a picnic in the living room

5. Make a Banana Boat

6. Play “mailbox” write/deliver letters to each other

7. Movies/popcorn

8. Dress up in costumes for a “concert”

9. Games like Monopoly

10. Large puzzles

11. Giant cardboard boxes for imaginative play

12. Have a Tea party

13. Read silently or out loud

14. Crochet (or learn to)

15. Play “school” with a chalkboard

16. Have Nerf war

17. Use Legos to build a city

18. Make Colored Squares (out of food-colored icing/graham crackers). Play food dominoes.

19. Have a “winter day!” Turn up the heat, roast marshmallows, etc!

20. Crafts-from recycled projects like egg cartons, lids, tubes, etc

21. Make card houses from decks of playing cards or Book houses from assorted books

22. Make cut-out sugar cookies

23. Create an indoor obstacle course (jump from cushion to cushion, crab walk down hallways)

24. Shaving cream painting in the bathtub (paint the sides of the tub)

25. Make terrariums from recycled jars (small figures, rocks, etc)

26. Indoor games-like Hide ‘n Seek, Charades and Sardines

27. Make a family newspaper-kids turn reporters for the latest “scoop.” Fill it with artwork, etc.

28. Let toddler play in the sink (it’s only water and easy to clean up)

29. Play with cars and make a wrapping paper tube tunnel for them to drive thru

30. Music and a dance party (Hokey Pokey, Chicken Dance)

31. Snowball fight with large cotton balls

32. Bubbles baths

33. Pajama day with lots of blankets, pillows

34. Finger paint with pudding on paper

35. Sock war (like a snowball fight, only with socks)

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