Thoughts on Being Special

by admin

Thoughts on Being Special

When I decided to set up my blog, coming up with the name and “mission statement,” if you will, was difficult. I kept thinking of using the term “special needs,” but would quickly push that idea away. I perceived the title as condescending, so I initially kept it out.

Today I came across the definition of the word special. My in-depth review of the word’s meaning helped me realize what a tremendous honor it would be to be given such a title. “Special” is the perfect word to describe the KIDZ I hope to celebrate in my blog—distinguished, in some ways superior, and held in a high esteem.

Merriam Webster adds another entry to the definition of special—designed for a particular purpose or occasion. Now that I have better educated myself on the term, I recognize even more just how special my daughter is. I am certain that she was designed to be exactly as she is for many exalted purposes, some of which I see and understand now, and I’ m confident I will see many more of her divine purposes in the days and years to come.

Suddenly, special doesn’t seem so condescending, does it? I actually believe it to be an ultimate compliment.

But wait, there’s more! So if a child is special, then the term encompasses not only the special child, but everyone who has a relationship with that child. As a mother to a special needs child, my role suddenly becomes distinguished, and designed for a very particular purpose. I am certain my husband and daughter’s grandparents feel much the same. Because she is special, our purpose and the very definition of who we are transforms as well.

When it comes to our special KIDZ, moms, dads, grandparents, friends, and everyone in that child’s circle of influence becomes special indeed.

So … here’s to being special!