Three Secrets for the Most Successful Year Ever

by admin

Three Secrets for the Most Successful Year Ever

Every year I make myself a new set of goals. They’ve become family-focused as opposed to just me-focused in the last seven years. And I’ve noticed that certain types of goal-setting works better than others. Here are my three secrets to achieving more than you ever imagined possible in 2009.

1. Set goals that stretch who you think you can be

  • Allow yourself to dream about what perfect would look like.
  • Then break that down into monthly and weekly action points.
  • Keep a daily “success diary” of every piece of that dream you’re achieving. I absolutely see you thriving!

2. Hold yourself accountable to someone who believes in you (friend, family, coach or mentor)

  • There’s power in partnership. So make an arrangement with at least one other person to keep you progressing towards your dreams. Or join a mastermind group (maybe the Silver Success Circle if it fits for you at our launch).
  • Set realistic daily and weekly goals so that you can achieve and be constantly encouraged.
  • Have your mentor challenge you when you delay and encourage you when you’re victorious.

3. Evolve your environment

  • If your physical surroundings don’t support who you aim to be … make a list of the “old me” things, then commit to change them one by one. It could be simple things like nicer cutlery, rugs, or bed linen or a commitment to beautifying generally, like ensuring there are fresh flowers in your sitting room every week.
  • Sometimes progress requires that we assess our emotional surroundings. Each of us takes on the values of the five people we spend the most time around. Assess who those people are for you and if their lives are ones you aspire to. If not, begin to network in different places until you have frequent exposure to those that inspire you to progress. (Again, the Silver Success Circle will supply much of this for you—we’ll have you reaching for the stars!)
  • Become aware of your spiritual environment. When I say this, I mean that we take on limiting thoughts from childhood that continue to fill our minds as adults. Three books I highly recommend to get you to a sky’s-the-limit mindset are: As a Man Thinketh by James Allen (it’s short—I’m a slow reader and completed this in about four hours); A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson (I adore this book!); A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle (tip: if you’re stuck for time start with the last chapter!).