Three Years the First Time, Ten Years the Second

by admin

Three Years the First Time, Ten Years the Second

My name is Summer, I am twenty-five years old and have been married to my high school sweetheart since 2003. I have PCOS and a tilted uterus. I was told I wouldn’t conceive without the help of fertility drugs and I was beginning to believe it.

My husband Darin and I both wanted a large family and started pretty much the day we got married. We had no luck for three years, I was starting to give up hope when on our three-year wedding anniversary we found out we were expecting. We were ecstatic.

My pregnancy was pretty hard on me, I threw up three to five times EVERY day for the first twenty weeks. I gained WAY too much weight and was already a plus size woman when I got pregnant to start with. Than between our son deciding that he wasn’t going to wait any longer and me developing pre-eclampsia, he arrived at exactly thirty-six weeks. He spent four days in the NICU.

Fast forward, today I am six weeks and three days pregnant with baby number two and it only took around ten days this time. It was a HUGE shock for us. You see my husband had been deployed for thirteen months and just arrived home on August 10th, I ovulated between August 20th and 22nd and got a BFP on September 7th, yes labor day of all days.

We are all very excited and Walker can’t wait to have a baby brother or sister (he is convinced we are having a girl and you can’t tell him that we don’t know yet cause he KNOWS, lol!). We’ve told all our families and everyone is just as shocked and excited as we are.