Through the Looking Glass

by admin

Through the Looking Glass

I woke up this morning with my son tugging at me, “Mom c’mon get out of bed—it’s snowing and there’s snow all over the ground! Let’s go out and play in it!” School had already been canceled, so I was able to take in a few extra zzz’s. I meandered my way out of bed to take another peak and much to my surprise the ground was completely covered in a white blanket of snow! My nine-year-old had never seen snow so I couldn’t get his snow gear on quick enough! I threw on a ski jacket over my pj’s and placed a bogan over my head so my ears wouldn’t freeze and off we went outside to play in the first morning snow!

“Is this how you make a snowball,” asked Nick excitedly! After showing him the art of making the perfect snowball I thought I might regret it after one flew my way and hit me in the gluteous maximus! But this was just too much fun! So on went the snowball throwing event for at least another fifteen minutes. The snow began to fall even harder and as I looked around me I realized that my quaint surroundings had suddenly been transformed to a winter wonderland. The trees looked magical as snow clung to every branch! Even the horse in our yard took part in our winter wonderland affair as he pranced and frolicked about.

Each snowflake that made its entrance had a story to tell. Each one uniquely designed by our maker held a beauty of its own as it gracefully danced its way to the ground! I watched in amazement as the symphony played on.

I had walked through the looking glass today! And even for a brief time I had become Alice in all her glory! I had lived my fairy tale in Winter Wonderland!