Is Timing Everything When Trying to Create Your Family?

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Is Timing Everything When Trying to Create Your Family?

About a two years ago my husband, Mark and I went to a concert hosted by a church in a near by town. It was the Lenten show given by a beautiful woman name Tajci, who has the most amazing voice and life story.

Now, fast forward the years to a visit from a friend of mine who, after being divorced for four years, has started a new relationship with a very wonderful man. Meeting him for the first time, we were engaged in conversation about where he lived and how we recently moved from the town next to his. Some how our conversation turned to the concert that we had attended in his town and he said that he had been there the same night.

This concert was held in a church, his parish church, and there were a great number of people in attendance but it was structured in a way that you could see everyone and after there was a gathering, where Mark and I talked to fellow attendees. It was strange when he walked into our home; he looked familiar.

Then it dawned on me, I had invited my friend to come with us that evening and, at the last minute, she was unable to attend.

I began to wonder if the two would have meet two years prior if she had come along. Was it a lost moment, when life’s sliding door seems to open, providing alignment and opportunity for a new beginning, and it was missed?

Is Timing Everything?
I used to believe that in regards to fertility treatments time was everything and for me time seemed to manage my expectations and was my keeper. My expectations of being pregnant when I thought I should have been, expectation of the family creation time of my life to be over, expectation that my life would not have to have included the pain of the loss of a child.

Then I had an “ah-ha” moment that produced a shift.

It was no longer about time but about timing. Well, not just about timing, but about divine timing, feelings that opportunities present themselves over and over in a divinely orchestrated order, perhaps what I thought was a missed opportunity was in reality a protection of some sorts because all parts of the whole were not aligned in proper order.

You might be thinking okay she is off her rocker!

I know in my heart that our fertility journey changed me. It made me less rigid in my belief system, made me more vocal (to my husband’s chagrin), but it also helped me to look at life in a totally different manner; Timing vs. Time, finding an opportunity in a crisis and developing a system of coming from a compassionate heart when anger was my default.

Perhaps the fact that my friend found a new romantic partner through a blind date not at a concert, when it was correct for her unique life’s timing is just a reminder that we are all exactly where we need to be at the exact divine moment.

This is a reminder that our heart’s desire can still be obtained even if it’s not as we expected or on our timeline.
This article was written by Kristen Magnacca, author of Love and Infertility: Survival Strategies for Balancing, Infertility, Marriage, and Life

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