Tips for Getting Pregnant in 2009

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Tips for Getting Pregnant in 2009

Many of you will be embarking on a new journey this year … the journey of conception. Here we round up some of the most important things to remember and help you succeed.

This is one of the most important things we tend to forget in our journey towards conception. Peace of mind and stress reduction is always good and healthy habits while trying to conceive. Examples of what people do vary from exercise, yoga, and acupuncture, to life’s little pleasures such as movies, day trips, or simply opening up to loved ones.

Be Patient
For most couples, getting pregnant will be as easy as simply enjoying your time with your partner and 85 percent of couples get pregnant within a year. This means that trying to conceive will require time and patience. Only 1 out of 5 couples will achieve a pregnancy their first month. Don’t forget that the other 15 perecent will need medical assistance, but there are wonderful technologies out there that can help you, and an infertility specialist can help you.

Have Sex!
Yes, you read it right. Having sex might sound obvious but couples need to make sure they have sufficient intercourse to get pregnant. If one desires to understand their reproductive cycle, one should know that they are only fertile for at most five days during their menstrual cycle, which are the days leading up to ovulation, including the day of. Many couples without tracking or noticing will simply by chance hit one of their fertile days. One act involving a viable sperm and egg will be all that is needed to achieve a pregnancy. So then how does one know if are in their “fertile window”. One of the most reliable ways is via Ovulation Predictors Kits that can be purchased at many pharmacies.

Check for Ovulation Signs

There is a large increase in Estrogen production during these fertile days that can be monitored. Most notably, some women secrete cervical mucus, which resembles egg whites, giving it the term egg-white cervical mucus (ewcm). If you don’t notice and/or can’t differentiate cervical mucus, it is perfectly okay. One thing that can be purchased are microscopes, specializing in detecting changes in cervical mucus “ferning” which would indicate this same rise in Estrogen. 

Leutinizing Hormone (LH) is secreted in high quantities by the brain to trigger ovulation the following day. Ovulation Predictor Kits (OPK) which can be purchased on-line or in many different local pharmacies detect this rise via one’s urine. There are many types and brands of OPKs, none of which has been known to be more accurate than another irrespective of cost. If you’re considering purchasing OPKs, find one that fits your budget while determining how “user friendly” that particular OPK is.

In order to conceive, one should also be having regular monthly menstrual cycles. If you’re under the age of thirty-five and a year has elapsed without getting pregnant, or six months if your age is greater than thirty-five, then best at that point to visit your doctor for an evaluation and/or treatment. 

Good luck and we hope this year will bring you the expanding family you so desire!