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I feel like life is not as beautiful right now because my luck with finding a job has been bleak. There seems to be no progress being made and I am getting tired of sitting around. I have not worked in over a year and I am ready to get back into the work force. Last year, my precious angel, Joshua, was born healthy and I was blessed but overwhelmed with the demands of motherhood. I have one year to finish my degree in English but I want to make money so I can become self-reliant. My faith is in God to provide and I seriously need to trust in him more often now.

Life is about choices and the consequences of our actions. I am actually brainstorming now about postponing the year of school for taking up a trade so I can better support my son. His father and I are back together but I want to not have to depend on any man but my heavenly father. I have learned thus far is that everyone who comes in your life is not your friend and there are some people you must let go to move onto the next season. My desire is to be in a place on contentment and true happiness at some season in my life. I want to see the glass full instead of seeing it half empty. I refuse to let the bad elements of life take me down especially when I am faced with disappointment and rejection which can cause me great discouragement. I have my good and bad days but today just made me feel like I lost my confidence following a bad interview, but I will bounce back. It is amazing how most people tend to disappear when you are going through tough times and that reveals to me the true nature of their character. Furthermore, I must go one with my life and have faith that everything is going to fall in place soon.

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