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A Toddler’s Midnight Musings

My two-year-old still wakes up in the middle of the night sometimes. I don’t mind this nearly as much as I did when she was a baby, because instead of crying, she talks! Sometimes her requests are straightforward; a drink, a paci, another blanket. But sometimes, they’re downright hilarious!

Some of the best:

  • I just got a dream about going to the mall! Now I will dream about playing. 
  • Do you like pink, Mom? Peeeeeeeenk!! You think pink is pretty! I don’t like pink. I like blue. 
  • I WANT FRENCH FRIES! [insert epic tantrum here] 
  • Is Bob the Builder asleep? Is Wendy asleep? Is Scoop and Muck asleep? 
  • I want it to be wake up time now! 
  • Sometimes birds turn into fairies. I think Tiki (the parakeet) will turn into a fairy. 
  • Nushi is a bad kitty. She haves to don’t sleep on your bed! She haves to sleep in the living room. Shoo, shoo, go ‘way! 
  • Is Santa Claus coming? (asked in mid-January)
  • Can you bring my duck please please? Okay, now you have to put it in the bathroom so it can sleep there. 
  • I hear a amb’lance!! Is (uncle) Robin driving the amb’lance? He is making a siren! 
  • Dora can say, “Fwiper no fwiping! Fwiper no fwiping!” And then Fwiper haves to stop. He say, “Oh, man!” 
  • I want my paints. I can paint while I’m sleeping.

Having a toddler, for all its trials and tribulations and tantrums, is pretty funny. Seeing her grow is a bittersweet thing; I love the fact that she gets bigger and stronger and learns more every day, but I’ll kind of miss these random statements in the middle of the night.

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