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Tons of Pregnancy Symptoms

So I am twenty-five years old and twelve (almost thirteen) weeks into my second pregnancy and wow this one has been a doozy! With my son, my pregnancy was a breeze! He was a good baby in and out of the womb. I suffered barley any sickness at all, and aside from weight gain, no symptoms. However, this pregnancy is a whole new ball game! I have symptoms that, until now, I assumed were just old wives tales. I’m only a few months in and already my hips ache, my breast are very tender, I have terrible nausea that is very persistent, I am so tired I think if you prop me up in a corner I could sleep standing, I have indigestion, I have gas that could rival any teenage boy and I have been an emotional mess to top it off! That being said, I still very blessed that God chose to make me a mother again—what an honor!  :)

So who else is with me on these exaggerated pregnancy symptoms? I know I can’t be all alone out here … 

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