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Tooth Fairy

A couple of weeks ago my son Brandon who is eight years old, had one of his last baby tooth fallen out, so he put it under his pillow and like always I would slip one or two dollars under his pillow, who still believes in tooth fairies. Well while he was asleep I look under his pillow to put the dollar in there an when I look under there there was a big note, saying my mom doesn’t have money can you please help us and give us fifty or one hundred dollars, please. 

Due to I’m a single parent with three boys and with no help, but my paycheck, even an eight year knows its hard for me, I started laughing due to the note. I thought it was so cute of him to write that note to the tooth fairy. So when the morning came, he look under his pillow an found a dollar and told me mom the tooth fairy didn’t give me what I ask for, and I told him the tooth fairy has millions of tooth to get an put money there, she on a budget just like your mom. Then he said ok. That part he understood. Moments like that I will always remember …

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