Amazon Shoppers Call This $8 Bathroom Gadget ‘Life Changing’

by Caroline Harris

Amazon Shoppers Call This $8 Bathroom Gadget ‘Life Changing’

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Save money (and product) with this toothpaste tube squeezer that costs only $8 on Amazon.


I like getting my money’s worth which is why when I buy a product (even if it’s a cheap drugstore find), I try to use every last drop. One of my pet peeves is how much toothpaste I seem to go through, probably because my family and friends keep “borrowing” mine. I live my life by the proverb “waste not, want not”, so when I’m running low on toothpaste, I try rolling, squeezing, and even cutting the tube with a pair of scissors to use up every last ounce. Despite my best efforts, much of the remaining toothpaste stubbornly sticks to the tube.


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I used to think my obsession with conserving toothpaste was some random quirk I had, but it turns out thousands of Amazon shoppers feel the exact same way. Some enterprising genius came up with the idea of a tube squeezer to help us frugal-minded shoppers extract every last bit of toothpaste. Where has this novel invention been all my life? It could have saved me hours of toying with toothpaste tubes to avoid shelling out money on something as mundane as toothpaste.


You can buy a toothpaste tube squeezer for just $8 on Amazon, and it arrives in a pack of three just in case the people you live with also like being thrifty. To use the squeezer, all you have to do is insert the end of your toothpaste into the device, then turn the colorful wringer to roll out the tube. It’s so simple, I wish I had come up with the idea myself.


Amazon shoppers adore the clever gadget, saying that it’s a “game changer in the bathroom” because it “solves the perennial problem of how to get the last of a product from a tube.” Shoppers love that the squeezer helps prevent messes in the bathroom by acting as a sturdy stand for toothpaste, and they point out that the device is especially convenient for kids and elderly parents.


But the shoppers don’t stop at toothpaste: As they correctly note, the squeezer can be used for any beauty product that’s similar in size and shape to a toothpaste bottle. Think: hand lotions, retinols, sunscreens, skin medications, and moisturizing balms. As one happy customer states, the product “works great on just about any tube. I’m currently using it on toothpaste, a plastic tube of face lotion, and a metal tube of face lotion.” Talk about a multi-purpose and multi-functional device!


Adding to its long list of benefits, the squeezer is made of durable plastic that’s easy to clean. It allows bottles to stand up straight, saving space on your bathroom sink and providing a home for your toiletries and beauty products. It’s compact, lightweight, and available in vibrant shades of red, blue, and green.


So, what are you waiting for? Try the nifty device that Amazon shoppers call a “problem solver”, “money saver”, and “my new favorite thing”. It’s even been described by some as a “life changer”, so it doesn’t get much better than that. And think of it this way: With all the money you’ll be saving on toothpaste, the gadget will practically pay for itself.


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