Top Choices of Eco-Moms

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Top Choices of Eco-Moms

Are you concerned about the environment and global warming, yet feel overwhelmed by the topic? Likely you already recycle and cut lights off when you leave a room. But luckily, there are more ways for moms to go green. There are simple steps and choices you can make that really will make a difference. I interviewed some eco-moms to get their easiest-to-adopt tips that just about anyone can try.

  • Wash clothes on the cold cycle and during off-peak times such as after 7 p.m. and incorporate the sniff test. If clothes aren’t completely dirty, wear them again before washing.
  • Switch to energy-efficient light bulbs. According to the EcoMom Alliance, “if every household in America changed out just five light bulbs to energy efficient (compact fluorescents lights) CFLs, it would be equal to taking eight million cars off the road.”
  • Switch from plastic to glass baby bottles. It’s good for your baby to avoid toxins leached from plastic when it is heated. Try also to filter water and not buy plastic bottles of water to cut down on plastics waste. To learn more, see: Plastics and Your Health.
  • Switch from store-bought to cloth diapers. Yes, cloth! They aren’t more work according to Patti Ghezzi who uses the Fuzzi Bunz brand and swears they are easy to use! See her review: Fuzzi Bunz Diapers Can’t be Beat.
  • Buy from farmer’s markets. Not everyone can afford to buy organic all the time, but at your local farmer’s market, the prices are usually better than what you’ll find at the grocery store and you’ll support locally-grown food!
  • Walk! If you live a few blocks from school, walk with your child. It’s a great way to chat—you’ll be amazed at how your children will open up during a stroll—and it’s good for your figure. If you live far from school, consider other ways to incorporate walking with your children. Can you walk to the post office or corner store or even a local park? Find ways to keep the car parked, or car-pool with another mom.
  • Make your own baby food. Now before you scream, “I thought this was a list of easy steps!” hear me out. A good friend has made baby food for all three of her children and uses a few Sundays to do so. Cook and mash your own and freeze in ice cube trays. Not only will you help the environment by not buying all the baby food containers, you’ll save a lot of money! (And it will be healthier for your baby too!). See: How to Afford Staying Home Baby’s First Year.
  • Turn in the SUV. This may be hard for moms of multiple children to do, and if you can’t afford today’s hybrids, consider buying a used Volvo or Subaru station wagon. They get better gas mileage and still have room in the back for soccer cleats or Fido.
  • Recycle your plastic food containers to hold crayons, markers, or to organize all the little bits and pieces that come with today’s toys or crafts. Every time I get take-out, I save the plastic ones with lids just for this purpose. 
  • Take your kid to an ecology center or a museum with an ecology focus. It’s fun, teaches you and your child about conservation, and supports a good cause. For more ideas, see: How Do You Teach Your Children to Care About the Planet.

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