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Top Gadgets for Father’s Day

Father’s day is around the bend and while all dads ooh and ahh over the ceramic masks or noodle picture frames their kids make—most are hoping that mom will at least give them what they really want. If you’re ready to splurge and surprise him with your technical know-how, buy him one of this year’s top gadgets, as described by my techie, Wired-devouring, gadget aficionado husband.

3G iPhone

The excitement and anticipation for the next generation of the iPhone in our household is down right palpable. The 3G version of the revolutionary iPhone, which is slated for release on July 11, 2008, promises even better features than its predecessor. Though Dad can’t get his hands on it until July, get him a gift card to the Apple store (the phone is listed as $199) to prepare him for the big spending day.


While the Play Station 3 costs a whopping $400, it appeals to high definition seekers. Not only is it a games consol, but the PS3 has the coveted Blu-ray high definition DVD player embedded within. Appeal to your husband’s inner child—just be sure to set after bedtime playing hours if his game choices aren’t what you want your wee ones participating in.


This social game not only promotes fitness, but can bring the family together to compete in virtual rounds of golf. This is the ultimate gift that will promote daddy time with the kids. I was against buying a Wii until my husband, son, and I stumbled upon a restaurant with one. On a rainy evening we found ourselves playing amusingly competitive games of bowling and tennis with one another for hours! The console ranges from $245 to $300.

iPod Zeppelin

What is it with men and speakers? I wasn’t surprised in the least to learn that many covet these high end, sleek speakers. Bowers and Wilkins’ remarkable new iPod system is heralded among tech journalists as the best high end speaker of its kind. Awarded for design and sound system, this marvel costs a mere $600.

(If you can’t afford one of these, my husband insists that a romantic evening sans children and involving a French maid costume will certainly be a wise second choice!)

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